Are Website Sliders a Good Idea?


Are website sliders a good idea? NO!

While they were trendy for awhile, they are now viewed as outdated and even detrimental. A recent article from Yoast—a respected company that optimizes websites and consults for brands including Facebook and eBay—explains that:

  • Only 1% of people actually click on a slide, which is almost always the first slide;

  • People ignore sliders, because they are overwhelming and annoying;

  • They slow down your site, negatively impacting SEO and conversion rates (getting the visitor to do something, such as stay on your site longer or make a purchase);

  • They don’t always work well on mobile devices;

  • They push content down, which Google advises against;

  • They dilute your message, because suddenly there are multiple messages on your homepage.

Here is the entire Yoast article.

Here is a fun demo showing why sliders are a bad idea.

Here’s what Google has to say about pushing content down on your homepage.

While moving sliders or carousels are a bad idea, it is okay to have an image that changes when the page is refreshed, a static slider that the user controls, a static slider that showcases one idea or product, or an static slider that doesn’t push content down too far.

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