Donor Newsletter Tips: Design Do’s


You’ve created great content for your donor newsletter and now it’s time to design it. Use these donor newsletter design tips to get results!

  1. Use color. It’s more effective than black and white.

  2. Include compelling photos with captions.

  3. Include teasers for your website.

  4. Give the newsletter’s name dominance.

  5. Add a table of contents on the front page. This guides readers through the multi-page communication. It also gives skimmers a quick summary.

  6. Feature offers and deadlines prominently—a tour, special events, classes, enewsletter sign up, etc.

  7. Strike a balance. Nonprofits need to tread carefully when it comes to the overall appearance of their donor communications: not too homespun (you’re professionals) but not too glitzy (you’re being responsible with donor money).

  8. Set up the newsletter for rapid skimming and browsing. Reader’s eyes go to the biggest things, such as headlines, subheads, table of contents, lead sentences, pull quotes, captions, bulleted lists, photos and other art. Just a few words in a caption underneath a photo can convey a story.

  9. Keep articles short.

  10. Hire an experienced creative agency to help you 

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