Top 5 Reasons to Rename Your Business


Is it time to rebrand and rename your business? Here are the top 5 reasons to rename your business!

  • Your name is too long or confusing. If you are constantly explaining your company name or it’s a mouthful, you’re wasting valuable time that would be better spent talking about what you do and how that benefits your customer. It doesn’t take much to see why the Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation changed to the more understandable International Business Machines, and ultimately simplified to the acronym IBM.

  • Your name has negative connotations or is misleading. Portables changed its name to PODS to stop customers from thinking they rented toilets. And aren’t we all glad that we “google” words instead of “backrubbing” them? That’s right, from 1996 to 1998, what would later become Google was BackRub!

  • Your name no longer represents what you do. Midas Mufflers dropped the word “mufflers” from their name when they expanded to brakes, shocks and other automotive repairs.

  • Your company has been tarnished by a controversy. ValueJet, a budget airline grounded following a 1996 crash in the Everglades, wisely changed its name to Airtran Airways. Few even remember ValueJet now.

  • You come up against a legal problem. Perhaps you didn’t thoroughly research your name and later find out that you’ve infringed on a trademark. Don’t waste time and money battling it out … get busy finding a new name so you can get back to business.  In 2000, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) sued the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), forcing it to change its name to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

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