New Name. Same Great Service.


Skidmutro has a new name, but our exceptional service remains unchanged. We’re now called Penn Creative—a name that better reflects our agency’s regional presence and our prominence as a full-service operation offering graphic design, branding, marketing strategy and writing services to companies and organizations.

“As a business that specializes in branding, we realized we had branding challenges of our own,” acknowledges Partner and Creative Director Sierra Skidmore. “Our name didn’t convey what we did or where we were located.”

Adds Partner and Managing Director Jenny Strauss, “The new name will allow us to build on our reputation as a comprehensive creative agency for the Philadelphia region—and beyond. It also symbolizes our pride in our state and in Philadelphia’s history as the birthplace of the United States. And like our nation, Penn Creative is founded on principles: respect, integrity and quality.”

Matt Deegan, Design Director, enjoys the more playful side of the name. “A pen is used to compose ideas—both written and visual. So our name has a double meaning, befitting our industry. We penn creative ideas!”

Our agency has grown tremendously since Skidmore founded it in 2004. Our original clients were all in the event management and publishing industries. And while we’re still known for event work and designing magazines, such as Adventure Motorcycle and Attorney Journal, our nonprofit clients have grown to include the Pennsylvania Environmental Council, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and the Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania. Our list of corporate clients now includes PRD Management, HRDQ and Opus Group, as well as local institutions such as Organic Mechanics Soil Company and Helverson Brothers Firewood.

We’ve also built a reputation for offering personal attention and powerful results—with zero attitude. “We check our egos at the door and focus on solutions that work for our clients,” notes Strauss. “We get to know their industries inside and out so we can offer informed recommendations.”

Adds Skidmore, “We approach each job like we’re the client’s in-house creative team. We just happen to work off-site. We’re true partners in their enterprise—and that makes us different.”

Penn Creative operates with a full-time staff of five plus a team of outside consultants, offering personalized service to customers large and small. And now we do it with a name that better reflects our size, principles and regional pride.