Booklets for Housing Equality Center of PA



The Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania

The Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania is America’s oldest fair housing council. The nonprofit organization offers a variety of programs and services to the general public to ensure that consumers have access to housing and understand their rights under fair housing laws.


Branding, Graphic Design, Research, Content Creation


The Housing Equality Center needed to redesign its Fair Housing Guides to reflect the organization’s new name and logo. However, they knew that those brand elements alone wouldn’t be enough to make the guides attractive and engaging.

The Solution

We started by carefully reviewing the furnished content and making recommendations to improve the way the text was organized. We also copyedited the text to improve its flow. Next, we sourced photography and selected illustrations. We also created a secondary graphic element (a background pattern) to boost the overall brand. We then brought everything together in a warm, welcoming design.

Secondary graphics.

Secondary graphics.