Design That’s Kind


Penn Creative doesn’t just protect our clients’ interests. We work to protect the interests of the planet and the people who work for us.

· We’re always evaluating the way we do business to see if there’s a more sustainable approach, as through our use of wind power and rainwater collection systems.

· We encourage our clients to use FSC-certified or recycled paper for their printed projects, and encourage digital marketing strategies, when appropriate.

· We are members of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, and support other organizations that encourage sustainable practices, such as the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.

· Our employees are invited to telecommute, reducing the environmental impact of transportation and encouraging a better work/life balance.

· When we work with a vendor (such as a printer), we investigate their commitment to sustainability—using our buying power to promote the triple bottom line. The triple bottom line is the idea that we’re only a success if we focus simultaneously on people, profit and planet.

· We seek out clients who share our commitment to triple bottom line practices.