Donor Newsletter for Kids With Food Allergies



Kids With Food Allergies (KFA)

Kids With Food Allergies, a division of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, is a nonprofit that helps keep kids safe and healthy by educating families about life-threatening food allergies.


Graphic Design, Research, Copywriting, Copyediting, Branding


KFA lacked the time and in-house expertise needed to craft their donor newsletter. What kind of content would engage supporters? Who would write it? Where would quality photos come from?

The Solution

We researched successful donor newsletters, wrote compelling content, sourced photos and brought it all together in a professional and beautiful design. And we got the job done on time and on budget. KFA credited us with helping them achieve an increase in the average donation amount as well as a 29% increase in individual donations for the 2013 fundraising year. Wow!

Strides newsletter cover.

  • We worked with KFA to develop the name Strides and created a distinctive look for the newsletter.

  • Original Subtitle: Nothing, not even food allergies, stands in the way of 11-year-old boy

    Our Subtitle: How You and KFA Gave Confidence to a Young Boy

  • We sourced quality, content-appropriate photography.

  • We suggested the mix of content, wrote headlines, and compiled and edited information.

Strides newsletter interior.


Envelope to enclose Strides newsletter.

Penn Creative enhances our projects by not only providing stellar graphic design, but also proofreading, editing and recommending improvements to our content.
— Lynda Mitchell, AAFA Senior Vice President and KFA Founder