At Penn Creative, we have more than a decade of magazine experience. We understand the ins and outs of the publishing industry from both the creative and business sides.

Whether we’re stepping in where your former designer left off or helping you launch a new magazine, we start by getting to know you, your industry, your audience and your competition. Armed with this key background information, we’ll help produce issue after issue that resonates with your audience, while distinguishing you from competitors.



When it comes to magazine design, it’s all about the audience!

Whether you are publishing a magazine for motorcycle enthusiasts or trade magazine for lawyers, our design approach is tailored accordingly. Focusing on your audience is key to drawing in new readers or converting casual readers into subscribers and retaining them. Attracting advertising is also easier when people view your magazine as top quality. And what about those pesky competitors? Superior design will leave them in the dust.


Have an established magazine?

We can take the design to the next level, or pick up where your former designer left off to deliver the aesthetic your readers know and love.


Media Kit Creation and Design

Your media kit is a vital marketing tool that’s competing with a pile of other magazines’ media kits. Your kit needs to WOW! We can develop appropriate and persuasive content that will quickly engage potential advertisers, convey your magazine’s vision and key benefits, and establish your magazine as the best choice.


Copywriting and Copyediting

 Content is king. We craft words into crisp, engaging, relevant narratives. If you suddenly get writer’s block when it’s time to prepare your letter from the editor, table of contents or cover lines, we can help! We can also review your text and correct errors in grammar, usage and style.

Proofreading and Fact Checking

Have you ever had an embarrassing error make it into print? Want to avoid that? Enlist fresh eyes to proofread every issue! Precisely because we don’t know your content quite as well as you do, we’re able to catch mistakes that might otherwise slip by. We can fact check as well as correct typographical and mechanical errors (e.g. ensure that images have the correct captions).


Launching a new magazine?

Getting the look and feel of your magazine right—from the very start—will prime you for future success. You get only one chance to make a first impression! Well before we tackle your first issue, we’ll get to know you, your vision and goals, your industry, and your audience and competition.