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Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC)

PEC is a nonprofit that works to protect and restore the natural and built environments through innovation, collaboration, education and advocacy. PEC is headquartered in Harrisburg, Penn.


Website Design, Branding, Content Creation and Project Management by Skidmutro Creative Partners. Web Development by Inverse Paradox.


The existing website was behind the times. It lacked branding and visual interest. The logo was missing and the text was just plopped into a white box surrounded by a plain blue border. There were very few photos. Plus, the site had broken code, resulting in a poor user experience. The site was difficult for PEC staff to update, content was overwhelming in scope and poorly organized, and useful features—such as live tide charts—were nonexistent. The site was hard to view on mobile devices.

The Solution

We helped plan appropriate content for the new site and organized it into a logical hierarchy. We then created a beautiful, engaging and responsive new website on the user-friendly WordPress platform. We helped select alluring photos, added the logo and created secondary brand elements, such as the wavy blue header. We also built a custom trail map and incorporated pragmatic features such as live feeds for tides, weather and fish advisories. The new site is searchable, compatible across browsers, and easy for PEC staff to update themselves. We also provided PEC with onsite training and a step-by-step Website Management Guide, giving them complete empowerment to update the site.

We have received nothing but compliments on the site, both for the design and ease of navigation.
— Samantha Driscoll, Program Manager