Penn Creative isn’t your typical design firm. We’re not here just to make your project look pretty. We’re here to make it effective.

That means using all the tools at our disposal—from graphics and content creation to marketing and digital strategies—to help you reach your long-term goals.

We also want to make the process enjoyable for you. By listening to your thoughts and concerns. Giving you plenty of options. And returning your phone calls. Because people in the communications business should know how to communicate, right?

From logos and brochures to websites, writing and strategizing, Penn Creative is here for you.



Jenny Strauss

Partner and Managing Director

Jenny holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. She spent more than a decade as co-publisher and marketing and advertising director for two national magazines—overseeing staff, managing business operations and developing promotional initiatives. Since joining Penn Creative in 2012, she has focused on developing client relationships centered around respect and excellent communication. Jenny ensures all business goals and objectives are reached—for both Penn Creative and its clients. Her days also entail writing and editing, collaborating with clients and colleagues, and generating new business. When she’s not working, Jenny enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, reading, searching for the best local burrito, and cooking elaborate meals at 2 a.m.

Sierra Skidmore

Partner and Creative Director

After earning a degree in graphic design from Drexel University, Sierra spent six years at a prominent Philadelphia creative agency before launching Penn Creative (formerly Skidmutro) back in 2004. Over the years, she has earned the respect of clients in a broad range of industries, who appreciate her easygoing manner and dedication to delivering design solutions that advance her clients’ goals. Today, Sierra specializes in everything from brand development and design to business and marketing strategies. She also supports the arts as an ambassador for FringeArts. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids, cycling, gardening and cooking.



Lauren Beale

Project Manager

Lauren holds a bachelor of fine arts degree in painting and photography from the University of Tennessee. She has spent nearly a decade learning about visual language and the human creative process, and applies those skills in her work, planning projects, studying how teams operate, and empowering others to design fearlessly. In her free time, Lauren loves painting, writing, hiking and photography.


Matthew Deegan

Design Director

Matt nurtured his creativity from a young age, drawing the animated characters he saw on TV and sewing stuffed animals when his parents wouldn’t buy them for him. An interest in technology and the arts drove him to pursue a degree in graphic design from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. After graduation, he worked with clients in the interior design, accounting, printing and technology industries before finding a home at Penn Creative. When Matt’s off the clock, he enjoys playing guitar, sewing, reading, hiking with friends and exploring the world for inspiration.


Amy Bachhuber

Graphic Designer

Amy earned a degree in graphic design communication from Philadelphia University and has worked steadily in the field since then. A self-confessed design nerd, she enjoys immersing herself in the research required for a project and translating that information into visuals. She also loves experimenting with colors, papers and die cuts! When she’s not working, Amy likes to prepare new recipes, pour paint and play games with friends.

Penn Creative’s team is outstanding! Sierra and Jenny are fantastically responsive and adaptive. They’re patient, easy to work with and committed to perfection. I wish I’d connected with them sooner.
— Megan Bolin, Outreach & Communications Coordinator of Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania

Penn Creative protects the interests of our clients, the people who work for us and the planet. You can feel good about doing business with us.

  • We’re always evaluating the way we do business to see if there’s a more sustainable approach.

  • We use wind power and rainwater collection systems.

  • We encourage our clients to use FSC-certified or recycled paper for their printed projects, and encourage digital marketing strategies, when appropriate.

  • We are members of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia, and support other organizations that encourage sustainable practices, such as the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.

  • Our employees are invited to telecommute, reducing the environmental impact of transportation and encouraging a better work/life balance.  

  • When we work with a vendor (such as a printer), we investigate their commitment to sustainability—using our buying power to promote the triple bottom line. The triple bottom line is the idea that we’re only a success if we focus simultaneously on people, profit and planet.

  • We seek out clients who share our commitment to triple bottom line practices.